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HEARt is owned and operated by Robert J. LaCosta. We are a small practice and we like it that way. We’re able to get to know you individually, and we can take our time listening to your needs and finding your best solution.

We like to say that we don’t have 30 chairs in our waiting room, we have 30 years of experience. Our office is unlike what you may think of when you imagine a medical office. We’re never cold or impersonal. We don’t call you up by last name from a crowded room, and we don’t keep patients waiting. We are professional and friendly, and we treat you with respect and kindness. We’re skilled at what we do, but the reason people continue trusting us with their hearing goes far beyond that. We treat you like you matter — because you do.


Robert has been working in the hearing industry for nearly 30 years, but he’s always been devoted to helping other people. In high school, he worked in a nursing home; as a young adult, he moved into social services, specifically Senior Service Centers of Albany. From there it was a seamless transition into hearing healthcare. An opportunity arose for him to join a hearing practice that was one of the oldest hearing practices in the U.S. He eventually purchased that practice and brought it up-to-date with newer technology, eventually growing the practice to 16 offices with an entire team of audiologists and hearing aid dispensers.

He sold that practice and took several years out of hearing to focus on his writing, but he missed the interactions and relationships he built with his patients. In 2014 he opened HEARt Boutique. His goal has been to keep the practice small and intimate but with the same high level of care that made his previous practices so successful.

Outside of his work in hearing healthcare, he’s also an accomplished writer. As a journalist, he’s maintained a column about active people in retirement since he himself was in his 30s. He has also written several books as well as lyrics for countless songs.

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At HEARt Ear Boutique, the success of our solutions lies in our combination of compassionate care, cutting-edge technology, and extensive experience.

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